Entertainment / Video Games / Cheat: Though originally a code or sequence of button presses that would allow players to skip levels, or achieve invincibility, the term 'cheat' has become a common term to describe any kind of assistance or hint about a game.
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Cheat Verb Synonyms: swindle, deceive, bilk, trick, con, take, fleece, defraud, euchre, hoax, hoodwink, con, take in, rook, flimflam, finagle, diddle, fiddle, move the goalposts, bamboozle, take for a ride, rip off
Cheat Noun Synonyms: swindler, deceiver, impostor, fraud, faker, fake, swindler, trickster, confidence man, con man, operator, charlatan, mountebank, rogue, shark, phony, snake-oil artist


Business / Real Estate / Escheat: The reversion of property to the state or county, as provided by state law, in cases where a decedent dies intestate and there are no heirs capable of inheriting or when the property is abandoned. In MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Windcheater: (also 'wind cheater') a very penetrating, low trajectory shot that is less affected by wind MORE


Health / Fitness / Cheating: Related to a person that uses to much weight and swinging the body to help to achieve the end of the repetition. Others muscles that are not related to the principle muscle used are the ones that are MORE

Cheater Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Cheater Ball: A derogatory term used to describe modern highly aggressive bowling balls that can offer the hook and power formerly attained only by players that imparted the action due solely to the efforts of the MORE

Cheated Death

Entertainment / Video Games / Cheated Death: A term used to describe how you miraculously survived a hopeless situation. Often seen in games like Galaxian. MORE

Cheat Sheet

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Cheat Sheet: A prepared list of players ranked in order of fantasy value. When putting together a cheat sheet, be aware of your league's scoring system and rank your players accordingly. MORE