Casual Gamer

Entertainment / Video Games / Casual Gamer: Someone who may or may not be into hardcore video games but who may well be interested in playing games that are intuitive, easy to learn, don't require a huge investment of time -- or traditional board games, card games, etc.
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Casual Adjective Synonyms: accidental, chance, random, fortuitous, unexpected, unforeseen, unpremeditated, unplanned, unforeseeable, unpredictable, serendipitous

Casualty Loss

Business / Finance / Casualty Loss: The amount an insurance company will pay if the policyholder tende4s or cashes in a whole life insurance policy. MORE


Business / Finance / Casualty-Insurance: A financial loss caused by damage, destruction, or loss of property as a result of an unexpected or unusual event. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Gamer: A person who is facile with games. Especially, someone who plays games professionally. (Term is not used within the game industry to refer to people who work in the game industry. Most people who work MORE


Business / Real Estate / Casualty: Casualty insurance policies include coverage against theft, burglary, vandalism and machinery damage as well as health and accident insurance. Casualty policies are usually written on specific risks, MORE

Casual Water

Entertainment / Golf / Casual Water: A temporary accumulation of water (outside of a water hazard) that is visible before or after a player takes their stance MORE

Casual Dress

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Casual Dress: Refers to attire such as jeans, casual slacks, t-shirts, sport and polo shirts and other apparel used for leisure. MORE