Analog control

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog control: Unlike digital control, which simply registers a button push or joystick direction, analog control is highly sensitive and takes into account to what degree the button or joystick is pushed. In 3D games, this allows you to use the same joystick to walk or run.
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Other Words for Control

Control Noun Synonyms: restraint, check, curb, mastery, command, dominance, domination
Control Verb Synonyms: command, dominate, direct, steer, pilot, hold sway over, rule, exercise power or authority over, govern, manage, lead, conduct, be in control (of), call the tune, guide, oversee, supervise

Digital control

Entertainment / Video Games / Digital control: Until the mid-90s, most video game controllers were digital, only registering each direction or button push as 'off' or 'on'. Analog controls, which became popular on the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, MORE

Local Control

Entertainment / Photography / Local Control: Method of controlling the final quality of a print by increasing or decreasing the exposure given to localized areas of the print by selective masking. MORE

Loss-Control Activities

Business / Finance / Loss-Control Activities: Actions that an insured person or company takes at the instigation of an insurance company in order to prevent accidents or losses. MORE

Linguistic Analogy

Entertainment / Literature / Linguistic Analogy: The modification of grammatical usage from the desire for uniformity. For instance, a child who states, 'I broked the toy' or a man who says 'I knowed the truth' is merely attempting to regularize the MORE

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

Technology / Computers / Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP): A message control and error-reporting protocol between a host server and a gateway to the Internet. ICMP uses Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams, but the messages are processed by the IP software and ar MORE

Internal Control Structure

Business / Accounting / Internal Control Structure: Safeguards in the form of policies and procedures established to provide management with reasonable assurance that the objectives of an entity will be achieved. MORE