Entertainment / Video Games / Alpha: Term used for a phase of development in the process of making an electronic game. Exact definition varies, but essentially it means 'most or all of the assets are implemented, and most or all of the functionality is implemented.' Anyone picking up an alpha game should certainly be able to get a very clear idea of the game's central idea and gameplay, but quite a bit of work remains to be done before the game is complete.
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Alpha Particle

Science / Chemistry / Alpha Particle: (42He) A particle that is commonly ejected from radioactive nuclei, consisting of two protons and two neutrons. Alpha particles are helium nuclei. Alpha particles have a mass of 6.644 655 98 × 10-27 MORE

Alpha Ray

Science / Chemistry / Alpha Ray: (alpha-ray) alpha radiation A stream of alpha particles. Alpha rays rapidly dissipate their energy as they pass through materials, and are far less penetrating than beta particles and gamma rays. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Alphabetic: The adjective alphabetic refers to any writing system in which each unit or letter represents a single sound in theory. English writing is theoretically alphabetic--but in actual point of fact is so r MORE