Tone Values

Entertainment / Photography / Tone Values: Various shades of gray between the extremes of black & white in a photographic image.
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Other Words for Tone

Tone Noun Synonyms: sound, note


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stoned: Made a great save. MORE

Stone 8 (Or Stone 9 Etc)

Entertainment / Bowling / Stone 8 (Or Stone 9 Etc): The leaving of the named pin an an apparent solid flush hit. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Stoney: (also 'stick it, stiff') a shot that stops close to the hole MORE

Timbre (Tone)

Technology / Television (TV) / Timbre (Tone): A characteristic of television sound referring to the tonal quality of a note and/or voice. MORE


Business / Finance / Tombstone: Individual investors who trade single securities independently or invest in intermediaries such as mutual funds, as opposed to professional investors. MORE


Science / Geology / Siltstone: A clastic sedimentary rock that forms from silt-size (between 1/256 and 1/16 millimeter diameter) weathering debris. Picture of Siltstone. MORE