Contrast Values

Entertainment / Photography / Contrast Values: Perceived difference between the light areas (highlights) and the dark areas (shadows) of a scene. The range of contrast levels between the highlights and the shadows is called contrast values.
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Other Words for Contrast

Contrast Verb Synonyms: conflict, differ or diverge or deviate
Contrast Adverb Synonyms: juxtapose, oppose, compare, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, set or place against, set off

High Contrast Developer

Entertainment / Photography / High Contrast Developer: Solutions used to produce high contrast images. MORE

Hidden Values

Business / Finance / Hidden Values: A sales charge that is not explicitly disclosed or is buried in the fine print of a mutual fund prospectus or life insurance policy and therefore is not immediately apparent. MORE

Error Of Contrast

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Error Of Contrast: An error occurring when raters assign ratings based on comparisons between individuals being rated instead of using previously established organizational standards. MORE

Corporate Values

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Corporate Values: The prescribed standards, behaviors, principles or concepts that an organization regards as highly important. MORE

Simultaneous Contrast

Entertainment / Photography / Simultaneous Contrast: Effect that adjacent color hues have upon each other. MORE

Successive Color Contrast

Entertainment / Photography / Successive Color Contrast: Trick of the human eye by which the impression of a color is influenced by an immediately preceding color stimulus. MORE