Condenser Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Condenser Enlarger: Enlarger with a sharp, undiffused light that produces high contrast and high definition in a print.
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Diffusion Condenser Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Diffusion Condenser Enlarger: Enlarger that combines diffuse light with a condenser system, producing more contrast and sharper detail than a diffusion enlarger but less contrast than a condenser enlarger. MORE

Diffusion Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Diffusion Enlarger: Enlarger that scatters light before it strikes the negative, distributing light evenly on the negative. Detail is not as sharp as with a condenser enlarger. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Enlarger: Apparatus for producing prints by projecting a negative or transparency on sensitive paper. MORE

Modular Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Modular Enlarger: Is an enlarger with interchangeable filtration heads and illuminations systems. MORE

Daylight Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Daylight Enlarger: Early type of enlarger using light from a hole in a window to provide illumination of the negative. MORE

Condenser Microphone

Technology / Home Audio / Condenser Microphone: A mike that depends on an external power supply or internal battery to electrostatically charge capacitor plates, one of which is subjected to sonic motion. Also called a 'Capacitor' microphone. MORE