Changing Bag

Entertainment / Photography / Changing Bag: Opaque fabric bag, which is light tight and inside sensitive materials may be handled safely.
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Other Words for Bag

Bag Verb Synonyms: catch, trap, ensnare, snare, entrap, capture, land, kill, shoot
Bag Noun Synonyms: sack, shopping bag, reticule, string bag, carrier bag, poke, pocket

Mixed Bag

Business / Finance / Mixed Bag: Used in the context of general equities. Group of stocks including some that are up, some down, and some neutral. MORE

Mucous-Bag Suspension Feeder

Science / Marine Biology / Mucous-Bag Suspension Feeder: Suspension feeder employing a sheet or bag of mucus to trap particles nonselectively MORE

Pounce Bag

Life Style / Painting / Pounce Bag: Used to dust pounced drawings. To make a pounce bag place a small wad of cotton balls in the middle of a coarsely woven square rag (a pink shop rag works well) and add a couple tablespoons of powdered MORE

Garbage Hit or Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Garbage Hit or Strike: Any hit that produces a strike when it shouldn't, as when it misses the pocket. MORE

Garbage Goal

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Garbage Goal: A goal that takes little talent to score. Most such goals are scored from right in front of the net, often when the goaltender is out of position. MORE

Four Bagger

Entertainment / Baseball / Four Bagger: A term for a home run. MORE