Built-In Meter

Entertainment / Photography / Built-In Meter: Reflective light meter built directly into the camera so that exposures can be easily made for the cameras position.
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Science / Chemistry / Picometer: One picometer is 10-12 meters. MORE

Pitch Diameter

Business / Machine Shop / Pitch Diameter: The diameter of a thread at an imaginary point where the width of the groove and the with of the thread are equal. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photometer: Instrument for measuring light being reflected from a surface. It works by comparing the reflected light with a standard source produced within the photometer. MORE

Personal People Meter (PPM)

Technology / Television (TV) / Personal People Meter (PPM): Hardware currently being tested by Arbitron. The PPM is a pager-sized device that is worn by consumers throughout the day to automatically detect inaudible codes that radio and television broadcasters MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Perimeter-Weighted: (also 'cavity back, cavity-back') a style of club head where the mass is distributed more toward the perimeter (outside edges) of the club head in order to increase the effective size of the center of MORE

Port Diameter

Technology / Home Audio / Port Diameter: The measurement across the port opening. Measured as internal diameter (not outer diameter . MORE