Universal Symbol

Entertainment / Literature / Universal Symbol: Another term for an archetype.
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Other Words for Symbol

Symbol Adjective Synonyms: representation, figure, metaphor, allegory, insigne (singular, plural is insignia), token, sign, emblem, badge, image, logotype, mark, trade mark, colophon, brand, code, abbreviation, phonogram, initialism, cryptogram, acronym, monogram, password, shibbol

Other Words for Universal

Universal Noun Synonyms: cosmic, infinite, boundless, limitless, unlimited, measureless, endless, uncircumscribed, all-inclusive, all-embracing, all-encompassing, wide-ranging, comprehensive
Universal Adjective Synonyms: prevalent, prevailing, general, worldwide, widespread, ubiquitous, omnipresent, limitless, unlimited, common, pandemic, epidemic

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)

Technology / Cell Phones / Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS): The goal of UMTS is to enable networks that offer true global roaming and can support a wide range of voice, data and multimedia services. A new-generation technology for rapidly moving data and multi MORE

Universal Prevention

Life Style / Adoption / Universal Prevention: Activities and services directed at the general public with the goal of stopping the occurrence of maltreatment before it starts. Also referred to as 'primary prevention.' MORE

Universal Reformer

Health / Pilates / Universal Reformer: See Reformer. MORE

Universal Search

Business / Internet Marketing / Universal Search: Also known as blended, or federated search results, universal search pulls data from multiple databases to display on the same page. Results can include images, videos, and results from specialty data MORE

Universal Milling Machine

Business / Machine Shop / Universal Milling Machine: A milling machine with a worktable that can be swiveled for milling helical work. It is always supplied with attachments, including an indexing fixture. MORE

Universal Machine

Health / Fitness / Universal Machine: One of several types of machines where weights are on tracks or rails and lifted by levers or pulleys. MORE