Semantic Bleaching

Entertainment / Literature / Semantic Bleaching: The process by which a word loses all its original meaning--a phenomenon quite common in toponyms and personal names. For instance, few English speakers think of 'Red People' when they hear the toponym Oklahoma, even though this is what Oklahoma means in the original Choctaw, the loanword has undergone semantic bleaching.
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Semantic Contamination

Entertainment / Literature / Semantic Contamination: Change of meaning that occurs when two words sound alike. Because the words are so similar, often the meaning of one becomes attached to the other. This is especially likely with foreign loan words. F MORE

Semantic Marking

Entertainment / Literature / Semantic Marking: When the meaning of a word is limited semantically, that word is said to possess a semantic marking. See marked word and unmarked word. MORE


Technology / Computers / Semantics: A relationship between words, phrases or any other allowable constraint and their actual meaning. This is contrast to 'Syntax'. An example could be; if you enter a misspelled command, it would be a sy MORE