Oblique Form

Entertainment / Literature / Oblique Form: The various forms or cases of any word in a declined language except the nominative form or nominative case. The term 'oblique' to describe this comes from medieval grammar exercises, where a young monk would list all the declensions of a Latin word at an oblique angle except for the nominative form. Thus, these forms became known as 'oblique forms.'
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Other Words for Form

Form Verb Synonyms: acquire, develop, cultivate, contract, get
Form Adjective Synonyms: shape, configuration, conformation, order, organization, arrangement, formation, construction, structure, construct, frame, cut, cast, mould, pattern, appearance, manifestation
Form Noun Synonyms: blank, model, format, frame, framework, course, procedure, order, regimen, method, system, ritual, formula, rule(s), practice, technique, way, means, approach, mode, fashion, manner, style

Other Words for Oblique

Oblique Adjective Synonyms: slanting, slanted, sloping, aslant, inclined, diagonal, inclining, angled, angling, canted, canting, banked, banking, cambered, crooked, askew, divergent, diverging, tilted, atilt, tilting

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