Crown Royal

Entertainment / Liquor / Crown Royal: A smooth blend of premium Canadian whiskeys. 80 proof.
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Other Words for Crown

Crown Verb Synonyms: coronet, diadem, wreath, fillet, circlet, tiara
Crown Noun Synonyms: sovereignty, rule, dominion, authority, government, realm, rulership, jurisdiction

Other Words for Royal

Royal Adjective Synonyms: queenly, kingly, queenlike, kinglike, regal, imperial, sovereign, princely, majestic
Royal Noun Synonyms: grand, splendid, stately, impressive, august, imposing, superior, superb, magnificent, majestic

Gold Crown Resort

Life Style / Time Shares / Gold Crown Resort: RCI's highest rating for a resort. Similar to I.I.'s criteria for 'five-star resort'. MORE

Crowned Condition

Entertainment / Bowling / Crowned Condition: A lane conditioning pattern that places a larger amount of oil in the center of the lane to assist the ball and help guide it to the pocket. Promotes high scores at the expense of talent. See block or MORE

Rhyme Royal

Entertainment / Literature / Rhyme Royal: A seven-line stanzaic form invented by Chaucer in the fourteenth century and later modified by Spenser and other Renaissance poets. In rhyme royal, the stanzas are writen in iambic pentameter in a fix MORE

Rime Royal

Entertainment / Literature / Rime Royal: An alternative spelling for rhyme royal. MORE

Stainless Steel Crown

Health / Dentistry / Stainless Steel Crown: A pre-made metal crown, shaped like a tooth, that is used to temporarily cover a seriously decayed or broken down tooth. Used most often on children's teeth. MORE


Business / Finance / Royalty: Payment for the right to use intellectual property or natural resources. MORE