Abisante: A pale green, anise flavored liqueur.
Abricotine: An apricot liqueur made in France.
Absinthe: Absinthe reached its peak of popularity and notoriety around the end of the nineteenth century and i
Absolut: A high quality vodka of swedish manufacture, most commonly and appropriately taken unmixed. Now avai
Acerola Pulp: The pulp of the Barbados cherry, a variety of sub -tropical plants which grow in the Caribbean and T
Advokaat: A bottled egg nog mixture made with brandy and eggs that originated in the netherlands.
After Shock: A peppermint and cinnamon flavored liqueur
Akvavit: From Scandinavia, made from rye with an infusion of caraway
Ale: A beer similar to lager, but with more of a bitter taste
Alize: A passion fruit flavored liqueur
Allspice: A ground spice made from an unripe berry with an aroma reminiscent of a cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg
Amaretto: An after-dinner liqueur with an almond flavor that is made in Italy from apricot kernels. The origin
Amaretto Di Saronno: Italian amaretto produced since 1525. Originally created by a widow as a gift to an artist of the Le
Amer Picon: A bitter French cordial, bitter, orange-flavored, made from quinine, spices, cinchona bark, oranges,
Andong Soju: Andong Soju is a distilled liquor made in Andong, South Korea. It is made from fermented rice (and w
Angostura Bitters: Made from a trinidadian secret recipe.
Angostura Hitlers: Aromatic bitters originating in Angostura, Venezuela; now produced in Trinidad
Anise: Licorice -flavored liqueur made from anise seeds
Anisette: A sweet, clear, aniseed-flavored liqueur, the principle ingredient being aniseed.
Apertif: An alcoholic drink taken before a meal or any of several wines or bitters.
Apple Brandy: Brandy made from Apples
Apple Pucker: An apple -flavored schnapps made by De Kuyper
Applejack: An apple brandy produced principally in the United States and France. A version produced in Normandy
Apricot Brandy: Apricot flavored brandy. 70 proof.
Apricot Liqueur: A cordial made from apricot pits
Aquavit: Scandanavian Vodka flavored with caraway, dill and other herbs and spices.
Armagnac: A type of brandy that has been distilled from wine made from grapes grown in the area surrounding th
B and B: A mixture of cognac and benidictine, yeilding a drier product than benidictine alone.
Bacardi: The single best selling brand of rum or any other liquor in the United States. A light bodied rum, B
Bai Jiu: Bai jiu is a Chinese liquor. Bai means 'white' (or in this case: clear), and jiu means 'liquor'. Lik
Baileys Irish Cream: A mocha flavored whiskey and double-cream liqueur, a combination of Irish whiskey, cream, coffee, ch
Banana Liqueur: A sweet liqueur made from bananas
Beer: An alcoholic beverage made from malted barley; flavored with hops after fermentation
Benedictine: The oldest and perhaps most famous liqueur in the world, Benedictine dates from 1510. Its formula, w
Bitters: A highly concentrated flavoring agent made from roots, barks, herbs, and/or berries. Bitters are rep
Black Raspberry Liqueur: A black raspberry flavored liqueur. 33 proof.
Blackberry Brandy: Blackberry flavored brandy. 70 proof.
Blended Whiskey: Blended whiskey came into prominence in the United States during world war II, when distillers made
Bloody Mary Mix: Add a 46 oz. Can tomato juice to '/2 can V-8® with about 7 drops of Tabasco1' sauce and a 7-count o
Blue Curacao: A liqueur made from white Curacao and blue coloring
Bols Blue Curacao: Blue colored Dutch West Indian Curacao orange liqueur. Produced under the supervision of the directo
Bols Strawberry Liqueur: A superb strawberry liqueur produced under the supervision ot the directors of the Royal Distillerie
Borouvicka: A Czechoslovakian juniper brandy similar to gin.
Botlled-In-Bond Whiskey: At least a 100 proof straight bourbon whiskey that has aged tour or more years in a bonded warehouse
Bouillon Mix: Beef bouillon with about 7 drops of Tabasco* sauce and a 7 count of Worcestershire* with 1 teaspoon
Bourbon: An American whiskey distilled from a fermented mash of grain that is at least 51% corn. Bourbon is a
Bourbon Whiskey: American whiskey made by using at least 51% corn grain mash in a wheat, oats, rye, and barley combin
Brandy: Brandy is distilled from a fermented mash of grapes or other fruit and the aged in white oak casks a
Bucks: Drink made with an ounce or so of liquor and lemon juice plus ginger ale, and topped with a twist of
Burgundy: A wine named after the region in France where it was first produced.
Cabernet: A type of red wine, high in tannin and medium to full bodied with a distinctive flavor of black curr
Caloric Punch: A Scandanavian liqueur made from batavia, arak, tea, lemon peel and 70 other spices. Also called cal
Calvados: One of the world's great brands of apple brandy. Produced in Normandy.
Campari: A highly popular Italian patent apertif. Usually served on the rocks with soda, Campari is very dry
Canadian Club: A high quality, highly popular brand of Canadian whiskey.
Canadian Whiskey: Like American whiskeys, Canadian whiskey is made primarily from corn, rye, and malted barley, and is
Cappuccino: A coffee with frothy milk on top, sprinkled with cinnamon and grated chocolate
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum: A Puerto Rican rum made with spice and natural flavorings. 80 proof.
Chablis: A white burgundy wine named after the town of Chablis, located in the Burgundy area of France.
Chambord: A french liqueur made from small black raspberries
Chambraise: A French liqueur made from small strawberries
Champagne: A sparkling white wine named after a region just east of Pans, France where it was first produced.
Chartreuse: A famous herbal French liqueur still produced by the Carthusian monks in France from a formula datin
Chaser: A mixer that is tossed down the throat after one has drunk a straight shot of whiskey or other spiri
Cheri-Suisse: A Swiss liqueur that tastes like chocolate covered cherries.
Cherry Brandy: Cherry flavored brandy. 70 proof.
Cherry Marnier: A French cherry liqueur with a hint of almond
Cider: An alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of apple juice
Clamato Juice: A clam juice based, Bloody Mary type mix used in making Bloody Caesars. Non-Alcoholic.
Club Soda: Salted water or water with other aditives often added to many mix drinks.
Cobbler: A tall summer style drink that consists of ice, wine or liqueur, and a considerable variety of fruit
Coco Lopez: A sweet, syrupy, coconut based drink mixer. Non Alcoholic.
Coco Ribe: A Virgin Island's coconut and rum flavored liqueur. 42 proof.
Coffee Liqueur: Coffee flavored liqueur. 53 proof.
Cognac: A type of brandy that is produced only in the Cognac region of western France and is universally rec
Cointreau: A fine, colorless, orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried skins of Curaçao oranges grown on th
Collins: Tall, cool punch-like drinks. Any basic liquor with lime or lemon juice, over ice cubes in a frosted
Cons Whiskey: A whiskey made from a mash of at least 80% corn. May or may not be aged.
Cooler: A low alcohol drink consisting of either white or red wine mixed with either 7-UP, ginger-ale, club
Cordials: Sweetened spirits distilled from fruits, seeds, herbs and peels; also known as liqueurs
Courvosier: A cognac brand produced in Jarnac, France. 80 proof.
Cream Of Coconut: A coconut syrup used in many exotic drinks, especially Pina Coladas
Creme De Cassis: A dark, medium-sweet liqueur flavored with black currants.
Creme De Cocoa: A rich, chocolate-flavored liqueur, made from cacao and vanilla beans, quite sweet and syrupy, avail
Creme De Framboise: Raspberry-flavoured liqueur
Creme De Grand Marnier: A French liqueur made with fresh sweet cream and Grand Marnier 80 proof.
Creme De Menthe: A red, green, or white colored, peppermint flavored liqueur. 50 proof.
Creme De Noyaux: A liqueur made from fruit pits that possesses a bitter almond taste.
Creme Liqueurs: A group of liqueurs with a high sugar content with a consistency of cream
Creme Violette: Violet-flavoured liqueur
Creme Yvette: A very sweet, violet-flavored liqueur, made in the United States by Jacquin.
Crown Royal: A smooth blend of premium Canadian whiskeys. 80 proof.
Cuarente Y Tres: A brandy based liquor from Spain containing 43 ingredients and a hint of vanilla. Also known as Lico
Cuervo 1800 Tequila: An excellent gold tequila. 80 proof.
Curacao: Orange-flavoured liqueur, produced mainly in France and the Netherlands, but originating from the Ca
Daktari: A delicious liqueur based on ripe bananas and exotic fruits.
Dalmore: Dalmore is a refined malt whisky from the scotish highlands a very fine blend
Damiana: Damiana Liqueur is a light herb based liqueur from Mexico. It's made with the damiana herb that grow
Del Maguey: Del Maguey is renowned for being the best Mezcal in the world
Dewars: Brand of blended Scotch whisky, was founded by John Dewar, Senior. In 1846
Don Amado: Made from 100% Agave plants that have been smoked, steamed, naturally fermented, and twice-distilled
Don Camilo: Don Camilo 100% de Agave Reposado has been aged for just less than a year in new white oak barrels.
Dong Dong Ju: Dong dong ju is a Korean rice wine. I don't know how it is made, but I'm sure it isn't distilled.
Drambuie: A Scotch based, honey flavored liqueur first produced in Skye, Scotland in 1745. Now produced in Edi
Dry: A term applied to any form of wine or liqueur to denote a lack of sweetness. 'Dry' champagne is, how
Dry Vermouth: A French made, herb flavored wine. Used in making drinks such as the Martini and Perfect Manhattan.
Dubonnet: A French brand of apertif wine made from aromatics.
Eau De Vie: All spirits distilled from fermented fruits, starting with wine-based Cognac and armagnac.
Egg White: An egg white is an excellent way to put a head on a drink. It also cuts harshness and makes for a sm
El Tesoro: El Tesoro de Don Felipe is the last of its kind. This is the only tequila still produced entirely in
Elijah Craig: Elijah Craig 18-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon, the oldest Single Barrel Bourbon available in the wo
Evan Williams: Evan Williams bourbons come in variety of prices and qualities
Everclear: In the United States, Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol (ethanol), available at concentrations o
Extase XO Orange Liqueur: The rich flavor of Extase X.O. is held in perfect balance by the smooth taste of a 20 year-old X.O.
Ezra Brooks: Dark gold with a dark orange cast. Moderately full-bodied. Reminiscent of dried citrus
Falernum: A sweet syrup of Caribbean origin made from ginger, almonds, limes, and other various fruits and her
Fernandes: A brand of rum distilled in Trinidad.
Fernet-Branca: An extremely bitter Italian herbal apertif or digestif made from cinchoma bark, gentium, rhubarb, ca
Finlandia: A high-proof (94) popular vodka imported from Finland.
Fino Sherry: A pale, very dry Spanish sherry.
Fior D Alpi: A liqueur that is flavored with Alpine flowers and herbs. Name means 'Alpine Flowers'.
Fix: A sour drink, usually made with pineapple syrup and crushed ice.
Fizzes: Made from liquor, citris juices and sugar. Shaken with ice and strained into a highball glass. Soda
Flag: A stemmed maraschino cherry affixed by means of a toothpick or sword to a fruit garnish.
Flips: An egg nog and fizz combination. Made with liquor, egg, sugar, and shaved ice, shaken well, and Spri
Forbidden Fruit: An American liqueur made from shaddock (grapefruit) and cognac
Fraisettee: Cordial made from alcoholic syrup, white wine and strawberries.
Framboise: Cordial made from raspberries,with high a alcohol content.
Frangelico: An Italian liqueur made with wild hazelnuts, berries and flowers. 56 proof.
Frappe: Any mixture of liqueurs over finely crushed ice.
Fussigny: This Cognac comes from the area that is known today as Grande Champagne cru
Galliano: A sweet Italian liqueur that is based on up to 80 herbs, roots, berries, and flowers from the Alpine
George Dickel: A quality Tennessee whiskey.
Gin: Gin is basically grain alcohol, mostly corn (75%) with some malted barley (15%) and other grains (10
Glayva: A Scotch-based liqueur that is flavored with heather honey, orange peel, and various herbs.
Glenfiddich: A famous high-quality single malt brand of unblended Scotch whiskey made by William Grant of Glenfid
Glenlivet: The greatest name in Scotch whiskey. The ultra whiskey-producing area in scotland is a 900 square mi
Golden Rum: Also known as anejo, a light-bodied rum of golden color from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islan
Goldwasser: Orinally made by Danzig in 1598, goldwasser is a spicy citrus flavored liqueur with 22k gold flakes
Grain-Neutral Spirits: Otherwise known as grain alcohol, alcohol distilled from grain at 190 proof. Colorless and tasteless
Grand Marnier: A cognac brandy based liqueur flavored with orange. Produced by Ste. Marnier Lapostolle of France. 8
Grappa: An Italian brandy distilled from the pulpy mass of skins, pits, stalks left in the wine press after
Grenadine: A cherry flavoring used in a variety of drinks such as the Sling or the Shirley Temple. Non-Alcoholi
Grog: Originally a mixture of rum and water that was issued to sailors in the royal navy and later improve
Hardy: The origin of this eaux-de-vie that makes this Cognac rare and excellent dates back to the 1870s
Harveys Bristol Cream: Well known blend of old olorosos, finos and amontillados sweetened with Pedro Ximenez, this amber-co
Havana Club 3 Anos: Havana Club 3 Anos is the most prestigious of all the white rums and adds an air of quality to any b
Havana Club Anejo: Havana Club Anejo blanco reflects cubas experience in making light white rums
Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos: Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos embodies cuban rum making excellence and is recognised as one of the best n
Havana Club Anejo Especial: Havana Club Anejo especial is a premium golden rum, which combines the best of both white and dark r
Havana Club Anejo Reserva: Havana Club Anejo Reserva is the classic example of the exceptional smoothness of cuban rum
Havana Club Barrel Proof: Havana Club Barrel Proof is a unique concept in rum as in the fact it is bottled straight from the b
Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo: Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo is hand crafted from extra rare aged rums and enshrined in a crystal
Hennessy: Cognac is made exclusively from grapes. It comes from a clearly defined region of France, around the
Hennessy V.S.O.P: Hennessy V.S.O.P. is a subtle and spicy blend of cognac
Hennessy VS: The powerful bouquet is dominated by overtones of oak, giving way to reveal a delicate scent of haze
Hennessy XO: The first extra Old cognac, is powerful, masculine and generous - a genuine pleasure. It releases wo
Highballs: Any liquor served with ice, soda, plain water, ginger-ale or other carbonated beverages.
Hine Cognac: Aged an average of 45 to 55 years, Family Reserve is made of Cognacs from the Grande Champagne distr
Hollands Gin (Genievive): The type of old-style gin still produced and favored by the Dutch. Hollands gin is hearty, robust, a
Hypnotic Liquor: Combines the most exceptional characteristics of Pure Cognac, Premium Vodka, and natural Tropical Fr
Irish Mist: A famous liqueur produced in Ireland, consisting of Irish whiskey and heather honey.
Irish Whiskey: The Irish have been making whiskey for 700 years and are said to have invented the stuff. The main d
Jack Daniels: A whiskey of the bourbon type, made in Tennessee, which is perhaps the most famous whiskey made in A
Jaegermeister: This complex, aromatic concoction containing some 56 herbs, roots and fruits has been popular in ger
Jamaican Rum: Full-bodied, pungent rum, dark in color, and decidedly heavier and richer in taste than light bodied
Jamesons: The world's largest selling Irish whiskey. Produced in Dublin, Ireland since 1780. 80 proof.
Jim Beam: Jim Beam is a brand of bourbon whiskey, distilled in Clermont, Kentucky
Johnnie Walker: Johnnie Walker is proven it is the world's most popular whisky, as it has a distinctive taste and st
Jose Cuervo: Jose Cuervo is a brand of the tequila family produced by Tequila Cuervo La Rojeña
Jose Cuervo Black Medallion: Jose Cuervo Black Medallion, a new signature quaility blend to join the Tequila family that’s aged
Jose Cuervo Classico: Although Clásico was only brought to us in 2003 and has proven to be an ultrasmooth and versatile l
Jose Cuervo Especial: The free spirit of Cuervo Especial which is also known in most countries as “Cuervo Gold”
Jose Cuervo Flavoured Tequila: Fianlly there is a flavoured liquor with tequial attitude, comes in orange, lemon and tropical
Jose Cuervo Reserva: Reserva de la Familia is the Jose Cuervo familys finest Tequila to date
Jose Cuervo Tradicional: Tequila aficionados will always know to choose the best tequila - Jose Cuervo Tradicional. This awar
Julep: Originally a sweet syrup, now a family of spirit-based cocktails, flavoured and decorated with fresh
Kahlua: Coffee liqueur originating in Mexico made from mexican coffee beans.
Keke Beach: A key lime liqueur.
Kelt: Grande Champagne Cognac, France, 80 Proof 750 ml
Ketel One: Ketel One Vodka is the creation of one of Holland's oldest distilling dynasties
Kirsch: Colourless cherry-flavoured eau-de-vie, mainly from France and Switzerland
Kirschwasser: A strong, dry black cherry fruit brandy made by both the Germans and the French.
Klipdrift Brandy: South African brandy.
Knockando: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Knockando Single Malt Scotch 12 Year: The most familiar brand, Knockando, is matured at least 12 years
Knockando Single Malt Scotch 24 Year: Rare single malt Scotch whiskies from Scotland’s most celebrated distilleries
Kummel: A cordial liqueur of Dutch origin made from caraway seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and aniseed,
Kwai Feh: A lychee-flavored liqueur.
Lai Jiu: Literally 'milk liquor', it is made by taking cow's milk, fermenting it, and distilling it. It is a
Lemonsoda: Fruity soft sparkling drinks made with fresh, natural juice.
Light Rum: Rums lighter in body though not necessarily in color than their dark, heavy-bodied Jamaican cousins.
Light Whiskey: American whiskey, lighter in taste and body than its conventional whiskey predecessors. It is distil
Lillet: An increasingly popular French apertif, light and dry, that comes in two versions, white and red.
Lillet Blond (Blanc): An aperitif wine that has subtle flavors of honey, orange, lime, and mint.
Lillet Rouge: An aperitif wine that is spicy and flavored with essences of vanilla and berries.
Limoncello: A distinctive, premium liqueur made with the juice of fresh lemons from Southern Italy
Liqueur: An alcoholic beverage that is manufactured by adding flavorings such as strawberry, orange, or almon
Liqueur Okolehao: Liqueur Okolehao is made with aged whiskey, tropical flavors and the ancient and revered Hawaiian Ti
Liquor: Alcoholic beverage most often distilled, rather than fermented.
Locran Ora: Lochan Ora will appeal to lovers of Drambuie. This Scotch-based liqueur features its own secret tast
London Dry Gin: The type of clear dry gin popular in Britain and the United States, highly suited to mixing drinks i
London Gin: The driest gin available.
Low Ball: A short drink consisting of spirits served with ice alone, or with water or soda in a short glass. A
Lush Creamed Vodka: Vodka flavored with cream soda.
Madeira: A wine resembling sherry traditionally produced in the Madeira Islands, a chain of 8 islands off the
Mak-Keol-Li: Makkeolli is a crude, raw rice wine in Korea. It is very cheap and easily found at any market. It is
Malibu: A white rum-based liqueur which is flavored with coconut.
Mandarine Napoleon: A French brandy-based liqueur that is flavored with tangerine skins. Grand Marnier is widely preferr
Maraschino: A very sweet white cherry liqueur made from the marasca cherry of dalmatia, Yugoslavia. This liqueur
Maraschino: Italian, cherry-flavoured liqueur - usually colourless, but may be red
Marie Brizard: French producer of high quality liqueurs.
Marquis De Montesquiou Armagnac: A fine combination of white grapes 10% Folle Blanche with very delicate floral aromas
Martini: Popular Italian brand of vermouth produced by Martini and Rossi and also the name of a classic cockt
Matusalem: Complex yet velvety smooth, with a pronounced bouquet and flavour
Melon Liqueur: Spirit-based, melon-flavoured liqueur - Midori is the leading brand
Metaxa: Popular Greek brandy (made mainly from the Savatiano and Muscat grapes).
Metaxa Ouzo: An unsweetened anise-flavored liqueur made in Greece since 1888. 90 proof.
Mezcal: The end product of the fermentation and distillation of pulque; a fermented mash made from the agave
Midori: A green colored, melon flavored liqueur made in Japan. 46 proof.
Midori Melon: A sweet and syrupy melon liqueur that comes in a green bottle. It is close to banana in both taste a
Millers Gin: Clear appearance. Sweet floral and citrus aromas have an herbaceous, juniper edge.
Mist: A glass packed with crushed ice to which spirits are added, usually straight.
Mokatika: Coffee liqueur.
Monte Alban: A superb mezcal named after an Aztec mountain-top settlement in Oaxaca, Mexico where mezcal has been
Mull: A warm drink containing wine, sugar, spices, and possibly a liquor. Also a verb meaning to warm, spi
Murray Mcdavid 14 Yrs: A fairly plump, robust spirit - moderately viscous with a spicy heat on the texture
Myers Dark Rum: An outstanding dark Jamaican rum. 80 proof.
Myers Rum: A famous line of high-quality dark Jamaican rums.
Napolean Brandy: The term is related to age and usually means a cognac that is at least 5 years old.
Neat: A straight shot of any spirit taken in a single gulp, usually without any accompaniment, also called
Neisson Rhums Reserve Special: Neisson Reserve Special is blended from their finest rhums, distilled and bottled to perfection
Nocello Walnut: Nocello, from the Emeligia-Romagna region of Italy
Noilly Prat: An excellent and well known brand of French dry vermouth that is perfectly suited to the making of d
Nyack Cognac: The finest expression and the richest nuances of cognac such as have never seen before
Oak Hill Bitter: Scents that immediate are butterscotch and lemons, covering a light hop aroma. There may also be som
Oiuo: AN unsweetened, anise flavored liqueur made in Greece. 90 proof.
Old Chimney: A pleasant enough brew with a satisfactory balance of hops and malt. Quite light considering the str
Old Smuggler: Floral, grainy nose. Flavors of charcoal, English toffee, and caramel. Flavorful finish.
Old Speckled Hen: Experience the rich strong ale that is Old Speckled Hen. Full of character
Orange Bitters: Made from the dried peel of the bitter Seville oranges, orange bitters are less aromatic and fruitie
Orange Flower Water: A light, non-alcoholic preparation based on the oil of orange blossoms, used as a flavoring in drink
Orange Flower Water: A particularly fragrant distillation of orange petals that is used sparingly to accent mixed drinks.
Oransoda: Fruity soft sparkling drinks made with fresh, natural juice.
Orgeat: A syrup with a pronounced almond flavor.
Oro Azul: Blanco is 100% blue agave taken from the heart (pina) of the finest agave plants.
Oude Meester Ginger Liqueur: South African ginger liqueur.
Oude Meester Peppermint Liqueur: South African peppermint liqueur.
Ouzo: An anise flavored liqueur of Greece, usually served on the rocks. Also an Absinthe substitute.
Parfait Amour: A purple liqueur that is flavored with citrus fruits, cloves and other spices. Name means 'Perfect L
Passion Fruit: A liqueur made in Hawaii from peaches or mangos.
Pastis: Aniseed-flavoured liqueur from France
Patron: Patron Reposado is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of six months
Peach Schnapps: A peachh flavored schnapps. 48 proof.
Peanut Lolita: A liqueur made from peanuts.
Pear Liqueur: A Hungarian made liqueur, some even have a pear in the bottle.
Pelmosoda: Fruity soft sparkling drinks made with fresh, natural juice.
Peppered Vokda: A rapper flavored vodka. 80 proof.
Peppermint Schnapps: A mint flavored liqueur similar to creme de menthe, but lighter bodied and less sweet.
Pernod: A French made, anise flavored substitute for now illegal absinthe. 80 proof.
Perrier: A highly effervescent bottled water that the French use in highballs instead of club soda. It has a
Pertsovka: A Russian brand of peppered vodka. 80 proof.
Peter Heering: A famous, deep red, cherry-flavored liqueur made in Denmark, formerly known as Cherry Heering.
Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur: A world renowned cherry flavored liqueur. Produced since 1818 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 49 proof.
Peychouds Bitters: Made in louisiana from an old closely guarded french family recipe. It is a pungent anise flavored b
Phillips Holiday Nog: Egg nog style liqueur.
Pick-Me-Up: Any concoction designed to allay the effects of overindulgence in alcaholic beverages.
Pierre Ferrand: These special Grande Champagne cognacs are bottled in a replica of the bottle used by Cognac Ferrand
Pimms: Pimm's No. 1 is a gin-based liquor made in England from dry gin, liqueur, fruit juices and spices
Pimms Cup: A Pimm's No. 1 is a liqueur-style prepackaged preperation with a gin base. Pimm's No. 2 has a whiske
Pineau De Charentes: A fortified red wine that is similar to port.
Pisco: A colorless brandy that is produced in Latin America.
Plymouth Gin: A less dry type of gin than London gin.
Poire William: A liqueur which is flavored with Williams pears.
Port: Portuguese fortified wine that may be white, ruby or tawny - white and inexpensive ruby are most app
Pousse-Cafe: A sweet, multilayered after-dinner drink. Success in making it depends upon keeping each layer seper
Praline Liqueur: A cordial flavored to taste like buttery pecan pralines.
Pralines: A New Orleans liqueur that recreates the butter pecan/brown sugar/vanilla flavor of the traditional
Prichard: Prichards Fine Rum is sealed in new, 15-gallon charred oak casks made from the heartwood of the whit
Proof: The measure of the strength of the alcohol. One degree of proof equals one-half of one percent of al
Prosecco: An Italian sparkling wine.
Prunella: A liqueur made from meat, plum pits, figs, and vanilla beans.
Punt E Mes: Though the product is mostly an Italian/French undertaking, the word comes to us from the German Ver
Quadrupel: Abbey style definition. Very strong (around 10%+ abv), chewy, dark and fruity beer
Quinquina: French, wine-based aperitif, flavoured with quinine
Quintessential: The gin is infused with the flavours and aromas of these five botanicals. The first distillation tak
Raspberrylliqueur: A raspberry-flavored cordial, sometimes called creme de framboise.
Real Ale: Ale which is a live product at the point of delivery, i.e. Still containing live yeast. This include
Red Army: This ultra-premium vodka bursts with the flavor of the finest grains and the smoothness of Russian k
Remy Martin: With the exquisite taste of Fine Champagne grapes, it is aged twice as long as required by law
Remy Martin Louis XIII: The highest quality Cognac available. And it's made from 100% Grande Champagne grapes
Remy Martin XO: Rémy XO exudes floral notes and a hint of oak to provide an experience as multi-faceted as the exqu
Rhum Barbancourt: Hatian rum.
Rhum J.M.: Bouquet of white pepper and lillies giving way to pineapple, raspberry and warm biscuits on the pala
Richard Hennessy: This perfectly balanced aromatic cognac is the quintessential Hennessy.
Rickey: A drink that is a cross between a collins and a sour. It consists of lime or lemon juice, club soda,
Rock And Rye: An amber-colored American liqueur originally made from rye whiskey and rock candy.
Ron Palma Mulata: The golden Cuban rum with its 38% has stronger flavour compared to Silver dry
Rose: A pink, fruity type of wine made from red grapes.
Roses: A sweetened West Indian lime juice produced in St. Albans, England. Non-Alcoholic.
Rum: Rum can be made from 2 different raw materials: it can be distilled directly from the fermented juic
Rye: The oldest native American whiskey, originally manufactured in the 1600s by Scotch and Irish settler
Rye Whiskey: Mainly American and Canadian whiskey which must be made from a mash containing at least 51 per cent
Sabra: An orange flavored liqueur with a hint of chocolate, from Israel.
Sake: This traditional drink of Japan, a bit on the sweet side, is commonly referred to as 'rice wine', wh
Sambuca: An Italian liqueur flavored with anise. The Italians often serve it 'with flies', which is actually
Sambuca Molinari: Italy's largest selling Sambuca. 84 proof.
Sangaree: Made with whiskey, gin, rum, or brandy, with port wine floated on top, or with wine, ale porter or s
Sauternes: A delicate sweet white wine from the Bordeaux region of France, made from grapes that have been infe
Schnapps: The word 'schnapps' (from the German Schnappen, to snap) refers to a mixture of vodka, gin, brandy o
Scotch: Scotch whiskey is produced only in Scotland. Some Scotch whiskeys sold in the United States are prod
Scotch Whisky: Blends are a mixture of about 40 per cent malt and 60 per cent grain whisky and are most suitable to
Sherry: Wines produced in the region surrounding the city of Jerez, Spain. A unique 'solera' aging process g
Shooter: A straight shot of spirits taken neat.
Simple Syrup: A combination of water and granulated sugar that, when boiled, condenses into a clear, sweet syrup
Sint Maarten Guavaberry: This liqueur is made from local guavaberries on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin.
Skyy Citrus Vodka: Vodka flavored with lime, lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit.
Skyy Cosmo Mix: Non-alcoholic mix flavored with lime, cranberry, orange.
Slammer: A cocktail mixed by slamming it on the bar
Slings: Made like sangarees with the addition of lemon juice and a twist of lemon peel. Served in an old fas
Slivovitz: A European plum brandy whose base fruit is a particular variety of black plum called Madjarka.
Sloe Gin: Sloe gin is a liqueur made from the sloe berry, a kind of small, wild plum, which is soaked in gin.
Smashes: Small juleps, served in an old fashioned glass. Made from muddled sugar, ice cubes, whiskey, gin, ru
Soda Water: Salted water or water with other aditives often added to many mix drinks.
Soju: Soju literally means: burning liquor. It collectively covers all distilled liquors in its broadest s
Sour: A spirit-based cocktail containing sugar, and lemon or lime juice
Sour Mash: The term is usually applied to bourbon whiskey; this whiskey is made from a blended grain mash consi
Sour Mash Whiskey: A broad category of whiskey whereby a portion of old mash is mixed in with new to help advance the c
Sours: Made of lemon juice,ice, sugar, with any basic liquor.
Southern Comfort: The oldest American liqueur, well known the world over, Southern Comfort is a blend of bourbon, peac
Spumante: Italian sparkling wine.
Steinhager: A German gin
Stolichnaya: A high quality vodka produced in the Soviet Union and favored by many serious vodka drinkers on the
Straight Whiskey: In the United States, a blended straight whiskey is a blend of several mature rye or bourbon whiskey
Strega: An Italian liqueur flavored with citrus fruits, supposedly based on a witches's brew. Name means 'wi
Sugar Syrup: A sweetener for cocktails, made by dissolving sugar in boiling water
Suze: A wine-based liqueur that is flavored with gentian root.
Swedish Punch (Caloric Punch): A Scandanavian liqueur made from batavia, arak, tea, lemon peel and 70 other spices. Also called cal
Swedish Punsch: Aromatic rum-based drink, flavoured with wines and syrups
Sweet Vermouth: An Italian made, herb flavored wine. Used in making drinks such as Rob Roy's and Manhattans.
Swizzle: Originally a tall rum cooler filled with cracked ice that was swizzled with a long twig or stirring
Taboo: Taboo is a light, refreshing drink bursting with flavour, made from an intriguing blend of white win
Tahiti: 'It's full-bodied, sensual and warm going down with a soft aroma of vanilla, a rich flavour of burnt
Tanqueray: Clear and pungent, with citrus and juniper aromas. Very flavoursome with a tart cut, snappy spice an
Tanqueray 10: Sublimely fresh with depth and complex flavor and a mouth-feel that can only be described as unctuou
Tarantula Azul: Blue tequila.
Te Bheag: A connoiseurs Unchilfiltered Blend. With more than double the malt content of most standard blends
Teachers: Teacher's Blended Scotch Whisky is a full-flavoured peaty whisky that's full of character
Tennessee Whiskey: Tennessee whiskey is made in the same way as a sour-mash bourbon whiskey except that the tennessee w
Tequila: Tequila is a product of the mezcal plant. (specifically the blue agave) One misconception is that me
Tia Maria: A coffee flavored liqueur from Jamaica. Dryer than Kahlua, Tia Maria is Jamaican rum based and flavo
Toddy: Originally a hot drink made with spirits, sugar, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, etc and a lemon pe
Tonic Water: A carbonated beverage containing lemon, lime, and quinine, an alkaloid obtained from the cinchona ba
Tripel: Abbey style definition. Pale, strong ale (around 9% abv). Can mean three fermentations
Triple Sec: A highly popular sweetener and flavoring agent in many drinks, triple-sec is the best known form of
Tuaca: Italian brandy based liqueur flavored with vanilla, citrus, almond, coconut, orange and cocoa.
Tuaca Liqueur: A unique blend of brandy, vanilla, and citrus fruit essences. It is produced in Italy.
Tullamore Dew: Tullamore Dew is the original blend known the world over for its smooth and gentle flavour
Tyrconnel: A Single Malt Whiskey is the product of one specific distillery and has not been mixed with whisky f
Ultimat: The first and only vodka in the world to be blended from rye, wheat and potato
Uluvka Vodka: You will find it creamy and lightly buttery in character, with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy f
Usquaebach: A blended Scotch whiskey that dates back to the early 1500's. Recognized by connoisseurs to be the w
V-8 Juice: A vegetable juice combination used in making bloody mary mix. Non-Alcoholic.
Van Der Hum: A South African brandy-based liqueur which is flavored with naartjies (tangerine-like orange variety
Vandermint: A liquid after dinner chocolate mint is the best way to describe this liqueur from the netherlands.
Veda Deduga: From the historic city of St Petersburg, the famous Veda distillery produce this high quality, ice d
Vermouth: Though the product is mostly an Italian/French undertaking, the word comes to us from the German Ver
Victory Potato Vodka: Delicacy and subtlety make of this vodka or an outstanding base for all kinds of long drinks and coc
Vodka: By United States law, vodka must be colorless, odorless, and tasteless, a combination that has made
Whiskey: The Irish invented it and in Gaelic, it means 'the water of life'. In the Unites States and Ireland,
White Magic: A brand of white rum distilled by Caroni in Trinidad.
Wild Turkey: Kentucky 4 year old straight bourbon whiskey. 86.8 proof.
Wild Turkey 101: Kentucky 8 year old straight bourbon whiskey. One of America's finest bourbon whiskeys. 101 proof.
Wild Turkey Liqueur: A liqueur made with honey and special reserved stock Wild Turkey* 60 proof.
Worchestershire Sauce: A brand of tangy flavored sauce used in both bloody mary & bouillon mixer recipes. Non-Alcoholic.
Xellent Vodka: Xellent, is a pure, slightly sweet-tasting 40% vol. spirit, consisting of nothing but vodka and wate
Xoriguer Gin: Xoriguer, thanks to its unique character and to its distillation from natural products, is free of a
Yukon Jack: A Canadian liqueur made with blended Canadian liquors. 100 proof.
Zhivago: Distilled four times, resulting in the smoothness on the palate, and the rich flavor that has made R
Zubrowka Vodka: Zubrowka is a unique, very aromatic dry vodka prepared from a base of premium spirits and combined w
Zuidam Dry Gin: The botanicals, spices and herbs used are all natural ingredients; juniper berries & iris root from
Zuidam Genever Gin: The unique flavours and aromas of Zuidam Genever come from the finest, most natural imported botanic