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Entertainment / Golf / Snake: A long putt with multiple breaks (curves) in opposite directions
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Other Words for Snake

Snake Noun Synonyms: reptile, serpent, ophidian, viper
Snake Verb Synonyms: snake in the grass, traitor, turncoat, Judas, quisling, betrayer, double-crosser, informer, rat, Benedict Arnold, fink, ratfink


Technology / Motorcycle / Snakes: The serpentine tar strips sometimes used to fill cracks on a racetrack. MORE

Snake Eyes

Entertainment / Bowling / Snake Eyes: The 7-10 split. Same as bedposts. MORE

Snake - Serpentine Draft

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Snake - Serpentine Draft: Unlike the actual NFL draft, most fantasy drafts use the 'snake' system where the team with the first pick in Round 1 gets the last pick in Round 2, followed by the first pick in Round 3. Conversely, MORE