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Interlocking Grip

Entertainment / Golf / Interlocking Grip: (also 'interlock grip') a method of placing the hands on the club such that the index finger of the top hand (nearest the end of the handle or grip) and the pinky of the bottom hand hook together, intertwine or interlock
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Other Words for Grip

Grip Noun Synonyms: control, command, hold, mastery, authority, influence, power, rule, domination, sovereignty, tenure, dominion, suzerainty, custody
Grip Verb Synonyms: hold, grasp, clutch, handgrip, clasp, hand-clasp


Entertainment / Golf / Regrip: 1. To move or reposition the hands on the club during the swing 2. To replace the grip of a club MORE

Psycho Grip

Entertainment / Golf / Psycho Grip: (also 'claw grip, gator grip') an unusual method of gripping the putter, popularized by pga tour player chris dimarco, where the fingers of the bottom hand are on top of the grip rather than on the bo MORE

Pronated Grip

Health / Fitness / Pronated Grip: A grip on the bar where the palm of the hand faces down of you during the exercise. MORE

Overlapping Grip

Entertainment / Golf / Overlapping Grip: (also 'overlap' and 'vardon grip' after famous player, harry vardon) the most common grip in golf, placing the hands on the club such that the pinky finger of the bottom hand rests on the index finger MORE

Strong Grip

Entertainment / Golf / Strong Grip: Where the hands are rotated into a position of more physical advantage on the grip and, all else being equal, the club face has a tendency to close during the swing (e.g., for a right-handed player th MORE

Suitcase Grip

Entertainment / Bowling / Suitcase Grip: Holding the ball as you would the handle of a suitcase; promotes reduced hook. MORE