Quick Kick

Entertainment / Football / Quick Kick: An unexpected punt.
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Other Words for Kick

Kick Adjective Synonyms: boot, punt
Kick Verb Synonyms: punt, drop-kick
Kick Noun Synonyms: recoil, backlash, rebound

Other Words for Quick

Quick Noun Synonyms: agile, lively, nimble, energetic, vigorous, alert, animated, keen, sharp, acute, spry, spirited, vivacious, rapid, swift
Quick Verb Synonyms: rapid, fast, speedy, swift, fleet, expeditious, express
Quick Adjective Synonyms: excitable, touchy, testy, petulant, irascible, irritable, impatient

Quick Ratio

Business / Finance / Quick Ratio: Indicator of a company's financial strength (or weakness). Calculated by taking current assets less inventories, divided by current liabilities. This ratio provides information regarding the firm's li MORE

Quick Release (Terminal)

Technology / Home Audio / Quick Release (Terminal): A means for securing a wire conductor to a terminal connector that permits easy attachment and removal. In the usual form, this will involve a spring-loaded clip, which needs only to be pressed to eit MORE

Quick Return

Business / Machine Shop / Quick Return: A mechanism on some machine tools that provides rapid movement of the ram or table on the return or anointing stroke of the machine. MORE

Quick Kick

Entertainment / Football / Quick Kick: An unexpected punt. MORE

Quick Hook

Entertainment / Baseball / Quick Hook: Refers to a situation where the manager removes a pitcher in the early innings because the hurler is getting shelled. MORE

Pooch Kick

Entertainment / Football / Pooch Kick: A punt or kickoff that is deliberately kicked with less than full force. It is often used in an attempt to limit the ability of the return team to return the ball.[8][9] MORE