Offensive Team

Entertainment / Football / Offensive Team: The team with possession of the ball
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Other Words for Offensive

Offensive Verb Synonyms: antagonistic, hostile, contentious, quarrelsome, attacking, aggressive, threatening, provocative, combative, martial, belligerent, warlike, bellicose
Offensive Adjective Synonyms: disgusting, unsavoury, unpalatable, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, noxious, obnoxious, repugnant, repulsive, repellent, revolting, abominable, foul, loathsome, vile, sickening, fetid or foetid, rank, malodorous, mephitic, putrid, putrescent, putrefying
Offensive Noun Synonyms: insulting, rude, disrespectful, uncivil, insolent, discourteous, impolite, unmannerly, impertinent, impudent, objectionable, displeasing

Other Words for Team

Team Noun Synonyms: side, line-up, group, band, gang, body, crew, party, troupe

Steam Wand

Life Style / Coffee / Steam Wand: The small protruding pipe on most espresso machines that provides live steam for the milk-frothing operation.. MORE

Steam Fog

Science / Weather / Steam Fog: A type of advection fog that is produced by evaporation when cool air passes over a warm wet surface and the fog rises, giving the appearance of steam. Also called sea smoke when it occurs over the oc MORE

Special Teams

Entertainment / Football / Special Teams: The units that handle kickoffs, punts, free kicks and field goal attempts. Often manned by second and third team players. MORE

Self-Directed Teams

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Self-Directed Teams: A multi-skilled, cross-functional group of employees possessing full empowerment who share responsibilities for producing a particular service or product. MORE

Team Building

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Team Building: A training program designed to assist a group of people to work together as a team while they are learning. MORE

Team Captain

Entertainment / Bowling / Team Captain: The player responsible for getting bowlers to the lane on time, setting the lineup, and handling any other necessary chores. MORE