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Live Ball

Entertainment / Football / Live Ball: Any ball that is in play, whether it is a player's possession or not. The ball is live during plays from scrimmage and free kicks, including kickoffs.
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Other Words for Live

Live Verb Synonyms: reside, dwell, be, abide, stay, remain, lodge, room
Live Adjective Synonyms: burning, glowing, flaming, alight, red-hot, white-hot
Live Adverb Synonyms: living, breathing, animate, viable, existent, material, physical, tangible, real, actual, palpable

K-Mart Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / K-Mart Ball: Derogatory name for a ball that hits poorly or is ill fitting. MORE

Just-In-Time Delivery

Business / Agriculture / Just-In-Time Delivery: An inventory control system that replenishes and delivers products to a retailer just as a current supply is depleted. MORE

Kill The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Kill The Ball: To take the spin off the ball, resulting in a straight shot. Often used to maximimize accuracy on easy spare leaves. MORE

Knuckle Ball

Entertainment / Baseball / Knuckle Ball: A pitch thrown by gripping one of the seams on a ball with fingernails and/or knuckles of the forefinger and middle finger with the thumb another fingers underneath the ball. The ball is pushed out of MORE

Live Ball

Entertainment / Basketball / Live Ball: As soon as a ball is given to a free-throw shooter or a thrower on a throw-in, it's live. MORE

Junk Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Junk Ball: A ball thrown with little rotation and little power. MORE