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Dead Ball

Entertainment / Football / Dead Ball: A ball becomes dead when a play is over and becomes live as soon as it is snapped for the next play.
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Other Words for Dead

Dead Adjective Synonyms: deceased, defunct, extinct, gone, departed, late, lifeless, no more, done for, gone for a burton
Dead Adverb Synonyms: completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, abruptly, suddenly

Live Ball Era

Entertainment / Baseball / Live Ball Era: This refers to the period of play beginning after the Dead Ball Era ended in 1920. MORE

Heavy (Ball)

Entertainment / Tennis / Heavy (Ball): A ball hit with so much topspin that it feels 'heavy' when the opposing player strikes it. MORE

Gutter Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Gutter Ball: A ball that leaves the lane and travels down the gutter before reaching the pins. MORE

Held Ball

Entertainment / Basketball / Held Ball: When two opposing players both possess the basketball but neither one can gain sole possession. In the NBA, the ball is blown dead and a jump ball restarts play. College teams use the alternate-posses MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Highballs: Any liquor served with ice, soda, plain water, ginger-ale or other carbonated beverages. MORE

Ground Ball

Entertainment / Baseball / Ground Ball: A ball hit in the infield by the batter that bounces in the infield. MORE