Add: Adding a free-agent player off the waiver wire.
Auction Draft: Owners take turns nominating players who are bid on by other owners. Each owner is given a spending
Average Draft Position (ADP): This report lists the average round a player is typically chosen in during a fantasy football draft.
Basic Scoring System: The most basic scoring systems award points only for touchdowns, field goals and extra points. That
Breakout: Players who go from an average fantasy football players to a full-fledged star. Browns wide receiver
Bust: A player with high expectations that finishes with minimal statistical results, for a variety of rea
Bye Week: NFL teams play 16 games in 17 weeks, with a bye week mixed in. Being cognizant of bye weeks is very
Cheat Sheet: A prepared list of players ranked in order of fantasy value. When putting together a cheat sheet, be
Comeback Player: A player who returns from a significant injury and re-emerges into a legitimate fantasy starter. Deu
Commissioner: This is the person in charge of running the league, setting up the draft and (if neccessary) control
Custom-Scoring League: A league can decide to assign its own value to touchdowns, field goals, extra points, etc. For insta
Depth Chart: An NFL roster split thats shows first-, second- and third-string players. For instance, Frank Gore i
Draft: Most fantasy football teams are constructed via a draft, where owners take turns picking players for
Draft Dashers: People who enjoy drafting a fantasy football team, but disappear long before the season is over, aba
Drop: Releasing a player back into the free-agent pool.
Dynasty League: This is similar to a 'Keeper League' (see below), but instead of a few players, an entire roster is
Fantasy Football: A league based on the actual statistics of NFL players. Each team is assembled through an auction or
Flier: Taking a gamble on a player (either in the draft or from off the waiver wire) who has high potential
Free Agent: A player who is not on a team's roster and is available on the waiver wire.
Handcuff: Taking the immediate backup for one of your prominent players. If you have Marion Barber, for instan
Houshmazoo: The incorrect pronunciation of T.J. Houshmandzadeh's last name, which will inevitably be heard on Dr
IDP: Some leagues will use the stats of individual defensive players, instead of using team defenses. Sco
Injured Reserve: Some leagues will allow you to place an injured player on the injured reserve list. This is more com
Keeper League: These leagues allow you to keep a certain number of players each season. The number of keepers varie
League: A group of owners (typically ranging from eight to 12 teams) that compete against each other for the
Mock Draft: A 'fake' draft that is not played out during the season that often is used to help determine average
Owner: The person who runs his/her own fantasy team and is ultimately responsible for making all personnel
Performance Scoring System: A scoring system where players are given bonus points for passing/rushing/receiving milestones. For
PPR: Indicates a league rewards a per point per reception. Typically running backs, wide receivers and ti
Projections: The predicted statistics of NFL players used to help determine a player's fantasy value.
Reserve: Your backup or bench players.
Roster: The list of players on your team.
Running Back by Committee (RBBC): (Running Back by Committee) A dirty 'four' letter word in the world of fantasy football, an RBBC des
Sleeper: A typically late-round pick or waiver-wire selection that exceeds his statistical expectations and b
Snake - Serpentine Draft: Unlike the actual NFL draft, most fantasy drafts use the 'snake' system where the team with the firs
Starting Lineup: Most basic leagues will start one quarterback, two running backs, two or three receivers and/or one
Stud: A true superstar at his position. Tom Brady, LaDainian Tomlinson and Terrell Owens are perfect examp
Team QB: Instead of drafting individual quarterbacks, teams essentially draft every quarterback of a given te
The Gooch: Named after the famed bully on Diff'rent Strokes, a fantasy bully that you will typically encounter
Third-Year Wide Receiver: Much like Harold Carmichael, Santana Moss and Steve Smith (to name a few), some receivers fail to ma
Trade: A transaction that involves the swapping of one or more players from one team to another. In some fa
Transaction: Any roster change (waiver-wire add/drops, trades, etc.). Some leagues limit the amount of transactio
Waiver Hawk: Some players don't want to sacrifice waiver position to pick up players, so they will wait until the
Waiver Wire: A term that refers to the list of free-agent players within a fantasy league. Most free agents are s