Full Roller

Entertainment / Bowling / Full Roller: A ball that rolls over its full circumference; see also semi-roller and spinner. The track of the ball cuts between the thumb and finger holes. Although once very popular, it is now rarely used because it lacks the carrying power of a semi-rolled ball due to the fact that it generally cannot create the increased entry angles that are helpful to carrying your strikes, particularly the off hits.
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Other Words for Full

Full Adverb Synonyms: very, perfectly, exceedingly, quite, damned
Full Noun Synonyms: complete, thorough, detailed, comprehensive, total, all-inclusive, broad, extensive, all-encompassing, exhaustive, plenary
Full Adjective Synonyms: complete, entire, whole
Full Verb Synonyms: filled, replete, brimming, brim-full, packed, jam-packed, congested, loaded, bursting, chock-a-block, chock-full or choke-full or chuck-full, jammed, crammed, solid, well supplied, crowded, stuffed, gorged, saturated, sated, satiated

Other Words for Roller

Roller Noun Synonyms: drum, cylinder, barrel, calender, tube, windlass, rolling-pin, mangle, wringer

Full-time student

Life Style / College / Full-time student: A full-time student is defined as a student taking at least 60 per cent of a full course load. MORE

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Full-Time Equivalent (FTE): A value assigned to signify the number of full-time employees that could have been employed if the reported number of hours worked by part-time employees had been worked by full-time employees instead MORE

Full-Time Enrollment-Part-Time Enrollment

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