Entertainment / Basketball / Trap: A defensive tactic in which two players double-team the ball handler.
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Trap Verb Synonyms: snare, pitfall, gin, springe, deadfall, booby-trap
Trap Noun Synonyms: mouth, yap, gob, mush, face

Spam-Trap Address

Technology / Email / Spam-Trap Address: An email address that is set up specifically to catch people who are harvesting addresses or using directory attacks to send unsolicited email. Used by Brightmail, ISPs and many in the anti-spam commu MORE

Spider Trap

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Spider Trap: an endless loop of automatically generated links which can “trap” a spider program. Sometimes intentionally used to prevent automated scraping or e-mail address harvesting. MORE

Sand Trap

Entertainment / Golf / Sand Trap: (also 'trap, bunker, sand bunker') another commonly used term for a sand-filled bunker - a depression in the ground filled with a prepared surface of sand or similar MORE

P Trap

Business / Construction / P Trap: Curved, 'U' section of drain pipe that holds a water seal to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home through a fixtures water drain. MORE

Bear Trap

Business / Finance / Bear Trap: The predicament facing short sellers when a bear market reverses its trend and becomes bullish. The assets continue to sell in anticipation of further declines in price, and short sellers then are for MORE

Training Straps

Health / Fitness / Training Straps: Strap used around the wrist and the remaining material is wrapped around the weight lifting bar to aid you in holding the weight. MORE