Sixth Man

Entertainment / Basketball / Sixth Man: The best sub on the team, the first guy off the bench to replace a starter.
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Other Words for Man

Man Adjective Synonyms: gentleman, male, fellow, guy, chap, bloke, squire, gink, geezer, gazabo
Man Noun Synonyms: staff, people, crew, cover

Pay For Performance (PFP)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Pay For Performance (PFP): Payment structure where affiliated sales workers are paid commission for getting consumers to perform certain actions. Publishers publishing contextual ads are typically paid per ad click. Affiliate m MORE

Performance Appraisal

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Appraisal: A periodic review and evaluation of an individual's job performance. MORE

Passively Managed

Business / Taxes / Passively Managed: An index mutual fund or exchange traded fund is described as passively managed because the securities in its portfolio change only when the make-up of the index it tracks is changed. For example, a mu MORE

Passive Investment Management

Business / Finance / Passive Investment Management: Buying a well diversified portfolio to represent a broad-based market index without attempting to search out mispriced securities. MORE

Participative Management

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Participative Management: A management style, developed by Motorola, that involves employees in the decision-making process. MORE

Performance Art

Entertainment / Music / Performance Art: Multimedia art form involving visual as well as dramatic and musical elements. MORE