Entertainment / Basketball / Rebound: Securing the ball off the backboard or the rim after a missed field goal or free-throw attempt.
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Rebound Adjective Synonyms: spring back, bounce, recoil, ricochet, resile


Health / Pilates / Rebounder: Is a mini-trampoline. Rebounding (bouncing on the trampoline) is a gentle, low-impact exercise that may strengthen your heart, improve your circulation, stimulate the flow in your lymphatic system, an MORE

Offensive Rebound

Entertainment / Basketball / Offensive Rebound: A rebound by a player on offense. MORE

Glacial Rebound

Science / Geology / Glacial Rebound: Epeirogenic uplift of the crust that takes place after the retreat of a continental glacier, in response to earlier subsidence under the weight of the ice. MORE

Elastic Rebound Theory

Science / Geology / Elastic Rebound Theory: A theory that explains the earthquake process. In this theory, slowly accumulating elastic strain builds within a rock mass over an extended length of time. This strain is suddenly released through fa MORE

Defensive Rebound

Entertainment / Basketball / Defensive Rebound: A rebound by a player on defense. MORE