Push Pass

Entertainment / Basketball / Push Pass: Used to pass through or past a defender who is guarding closely.
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Other Words for Pass

Pass Adjective Synonyms: proceed, move (onwards), go (ahead), progress, extend, lie, run, flow, fly, roll, course, stream, drift, sweep
Pass Verb Synonyms: evacuate, void, eliminate, excrete, defecate, urinate
Pass Noun Synonyms: free pass, complimentary ticket, twofer, Annie Oakley

Other Words for Push

Push Verb Synonyms: urge, encourage, press, induce, ask, persuade, get, egg on, press, prod, spur, goad, rouse, prompt, incite, move, motivate, stimulate, influence, impel, make, compel, force, dragoon, coerce, constrain, badger, hound, pester, harass, plague, nag, browbeat
Push Noun Synonyms: thrust, shove, drive, move, set in motion, get moving, propel, press

Passion Fruit

Entertainment / Liquor / Passion Fruit: A liqueur made in Hawaii from peaches or mangos. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Passivation: Metals and alloys are made less corrosive through surface treatment to produce a thin and stable inert oxide layer along all external surfaces. This is called the passive corrosion condition or a pass MORE


Business / Finance / Passive: Income or loss from business activities in which a person does not materially participate, such as a limited partnership. MORE

Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)

Health / Herbs / Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata): Sedative, assists relaxation and sleep. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Passion: Musical setting of the Crucifixion story as told by one of the four Evangelists in the Gospels. MORE

Passing Lane

Entertainment / Basketball / Passing Lane: The area between two offensive players where a pass can be made. MORE