Pump Fake

Entertainment / Basketball / Pump Fake: A pump fake is a feigned attempt at a jump shot, restrained before the feet leave the ground. The pump fake is a fundamental move in basketball, used to cause defenders to jump (known in basketball slang as 'lifting' the defender), or be shifted off-balance. Its main applications are in the low post area, where a player is much more likely to have his or her shot blocked. On the perimeter, it is useful in creating open lanes to the basket by 'showing' the ball enough to entice a defender to attempt to block or steal it, allowing the dribbler to penetrate easily.
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Other Words for Fake

Fake Noun Synonyms: false, counterfeit, forged, sham, fraudulent, imitation, pinchbeck, bogus, spurious, factitious, phony
Fake Verb Synonyms: hoax, counterfeit, sham, forgery, imitation, phony
Fake Adjective Synonyms: falsify, doctor, alter, modify, counterfeit, fabricate, manufacture, forge

Other Words for Pump

Pump Verb Synonyms: interrogate, question, examine, cross-examine, quiz, probe, grill, give (someone) the third degree
Pump Noun Synonyms: send, force, deliver, push

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