Entertainment / Basketball / Pass: When a player throws the ball to a teammate.
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Pass Adjective Synonyms: proceed, move (onwards), go (ahead), progress, extend, lie, run, flow, fly, roll, course, stream, drift, sweep
Pass Noun Synonyms: free pass, complimentary ticket, twofer, Annie Oakley
Pass Verb Synonyms: evacuate, void, eliminate, excrete, defecate, urinate

Passive Radiator

Technology / Home Audio / Passive Radiator: A type of bass reflex speaker enclosure that includes a 'passive' woofer in addition to the main woofer. The passive woofer isn't powered, but moves in response to changes in air pressure inside the c MORE

Passenger Pegs

Technology / Motorcycle / Passenger Pegs: Passenger Pegs are pegs wide enough to support the foot of a passenger (pillion) while riding. They are mounted directly under the passenger. Sometimes, floorboards are used in the place of Passenger MORE


Technology / Email / Pass-Along: An email recipient who got your message via forwarding from a subscriber. (Some emails offer 'forward to a friend' in the creative, but the vast majority of pass-alongs happen using email clients, and MORE

Inbounds Pass

Entertainment / Basketball / Inbounds Pass: Pass thrown-in from out-of-bounds. MORE

Elbow Pass

Entertainment / Basketball / Elbow Pass: Introduced with much hype by Jason Williams, the Elbow Pass is one of the most difficult trick passes to execute. The Elbow Pass serves as a devastating complement to the Behind-the-Back pass and can MORE

Passenger Type

Life Style / Travel / Passenger Type: Provides the ability to specify fares and fees based on the classification of the passenger. MORE