Entertainment / Basketball / Open: When a player is unguarded by a defender.
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Open Verb Synonyms: unblock, clear, unobstruct, unclog, unstop
Open Adjective Synonyms: ajar, gaping, agape, unfastened, unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unlatched, unclosed

Open Depending On The Floor

Business / Finance / Open Depending On The Floor: Used for listed equity securities. Having room for a customer buyer or seller contingent on the results of a trade being executed on the floor (i.e., satisfying the specialist book and the orders the MORE

Open Interest

Business / Debt / Open Interest: The net amount of outstanding open positions, either long or short, in a given futures or options contract. MORE

Open Outcry

Business / Taxes / Open Outcry: When exchange-based commodities traders shout out their buy and sell orders or use a combination of words and hand signals to negotiate an order, it’s known as open outcry. When someone who shouts a MORE

Are You Open

Business / Finance / Are You Open: Used in context of general equities. 'Can a new customer still participate on opposing side of the trade from that which the first customer initiated?', Inquiring as to whether any portion of that tra MORE

Open Market

Business / Taxes / Open Market: In an open market, any investor with the money to pay for securities is able to buy those securities. US markets, for example, are open to all buyers. In contrast, a closed market may restrict investm MORE

Open-Market Operations

Business / Real Estate / Open-Market Operations: The buying and selling of government securities by the Federal Reserve to control the amount of money in circulation. MORE