Entertainment / Basketball / Officials: Also called referees, they're in charge of controlling the game.
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Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO)

Technology / Cell Phones / Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO): Trade group headquartered in South Daytona, Fla., representing law enforcement, fire, emergency services and other public-safety agency dispatchers and communications employees. MORE

Off-Ice Officials

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Off-Ice Officials: These are the officials who help manage the game but are off the ice. These officials donĂ­t wear a uniform and they are the official scorer, goal judges, game and penalty timekeepers, and the video g MORE

Uniform Building Code

Business / Real Estate / Uniform Building Code: A national building code published by the International Conference of Building Officials. It has been adopted in part by municipalities throughout the United States, but used mostly in the western sta MORE