Jump Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Jump Shot: An offensive shot in which the offensive player's feet leave the floor.
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Other Words for Jump

Jump Adjective Synonyms: start, jerk, wince, flinch, recoil
Jump Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, spring, pounce, hurdle, vault, hop, skip, caper, cavort, gambol
Jump Verb Synonyms: pass, move, leap, skip

Other Words for Shot

Shot Adjective Synonyms: discharge, shooting
Shot Noun Synonyms: marksman, markswoman, sharpshooter, sniper, rifleman


Entertainment / Video Games / Screenshot: A still image of a game. MORE

Screened Shot

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Screened Shot: Goaltender's view is blocked by players between he and the shooter. MORE

Screen Shot

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Screen Shot: A shot on goal that the goalie cannot see because it was taken from behind one or more players from either team standing in front of the net. MORE

Rising Shot

Entertainment / Tennis / Rising Shot: A shot thats hits the ball immediately after it hits the ground. MORE

Set Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Set Shot: The same as hookout and rollout. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Shot: 1. A stroke in golf and its result (assumes contact with the ball) 2. The act (past tense) of playing a stroke 3. Another way (past tense) to refer to one's score for a round of golf, or tournament MORE