Hand Check

Entertainment / Basketball / Hand Check: A personal foul where a defender intermittently or continuously uses one or both hands on an opposing player, usually the ball handler.
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Other Words for Check

Check Noun Synonyms: stop, stopping, cease, surcease, hesitation, cessation, stoppage, interruption, break, pause, balk or baulk, discontinuity, discontinuation, discontinuance, suspension
Check Verb Synonyms: stop, arrest, stay, halt, obstruct, block, limit, retard, slow, brake, curb, hinder, hamper, impede, thwart

Other Words for Hand

Hand Verb Synonyms: mitt, paw, lunch-hook
Hand Noun Synonyms: influence, agency, participation, involvement, part, share


Entertainment / Golf / Handsy: Usually refers to loose or excessive use of the hands and wrists in a swing or stroke MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Handwheel: Any adjusting or feeding mechanism shaped like a wheel and operated by hand. MORE


Technology / Computers / Handshaking: The process by which two devices initiate communications. Handshaking begins when one device sends a message to another device indicating that it wants to establish a communications channel. The two d MORE

Handset Subsidy

Technology / Cell Phones / Handset Subsidy: Frequently, a wireless company will sell a phone (handset) below cost, with the hope of making up the loss later on customer usage fees. The amount of loss per handset is called the handset subsidy. MORE

Hands-Off Investor

Business / Finance / Hands-Off Investor: The whole-dollar price of a bid or offer is referred to as the handle (e.g., if a security is quoted at 101.10 bid and 101.11 offered, 101 is the handle). Traders are assumed to know the handle. See: MORE

Hands-On Investor

Business / Finance / Hands-On Investor: An investor who has a large stake in a company, but does not wish to play an active role in the management of the corporation. MORE