Foul Lane

Entertainment / Basketball / Foul Lane: Usually just called 'the lane' or 'the paint.' The painted area bordered by the end line and the foul line, outside which players must stand during a free-throw; also the area an offensive player cannot spend more than 3 seconds at a time in.
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Other Words for Foul

Foul Verb Synonyms: offensive, loathsome, disgusting, obnoxious, revolting, repulsive, repellent, repugnant, sickening, nauseous, nauseating, nasty, beastly, fulsome
Foul Adjective Synonyms: smelly, stinking, noisome, fetid or foetid, rank, evil-smelling, foul-smelling, malodorous, musty, mephitic, graveolent

Pit Lane

Technology / Motorcycle / Pit Lane: The lane on the inside of the track, usually adjacent to the main straight, where riders come in to have quick work or tire changes on their motorcycles. MORE

Personal Foul

Entertainment / Football / Personal Foul: A foul that might cause injury; punishable by a 15-yard penalty. MORE

Passing Lane

Entertainment / Basketball / Passing Lane: The area between two offensive players where a pass can be made. MORE

Nodal Plane

Entertainment / Photography / Nodal Plane: Is an imaginary line passing through the nodal point, perpendicular to the optical axis. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Plane: (also 'swing plane') most easily visualized as the plane that the shaft of the club or the clubhead's arc describes during the swing MORE


Science / Astrology / Planet: From the Greek planetes, wanderer; used astrologically to describe any heavenly body which when viewed from Earth appears to move, as distinguished from fixed stars. MORE