Fast Break

Entertainment / Basketball / Fast Break: Also called the run-and-shoot or run-and-gun offense, it begins with a defensive rebound by a player who immediately sends an outlet pass toward midcourt to his waiting teammates; these teammates can sprint to their basket and quickly shoot before enough opponents catch up to stop them.
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Other Words for Break

Break Verb Synonyms: break apart or up or asunder, fracture, rupture, break into bits, come apart, shatter, shiver, crack, crash, splinter, fragment, split, burst, explode, bust
Break Noun Synonyms: fracture, split, separation, rupture, breach, rift, schism

Other Words for Fast

Fast Adverb Synonyms: closely, close to, immediately, near, (close) on, right
Fast Verb Synonyms: quick, swift, fleet, speedy, brisk, brief, hurried, hasty, high-speed, accelerated, expeditious, rapid, express
Fast Adjective Synonyms: loose, profligate, wild, extravagant, dissipated, intemperate, irresponsible, sybaritic, self-indulgent, dissolute, unrestrained, indecorous, rakish, licentious, promiscuous, immoral, wanton, lecherous, lustful

Fast Lanes

Entertainment / Bowling / Fast Lanes: This has two different and opposite meanings depending on the part of the country you reside. In some parts, a fast lane is one that is very oily (as the ball travels fast down the lane); in other are MORE

Fast Film

Entertainment / Photography / Fast Film: Film which has an emulsion that is very sensitive to light. These films have high iso ratings. MORE

Fast Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Fast Lens: Lens with a wide maximum aperture (low f number). MORE

Fast Market

Business / Finance / Fast Market: U.S. accounting standard that requires U.S. firms to translate their foreign affiliates' accounts by the temporal method; that is reporting gains and losses from currency fluctuations in current incom MORE

Fast Time Constant (FTC)

Technology / Radar / Fast Time Constant (FTC): With ftc in operation, only the leading edge of an echo of a long-time duration is displayed on the radarscope. Ftc tends to reduce saturation of the scope by clutter. Also called anti-clutter or diff MORE

Fast Speed Tracking

Technology / Radar / Fast Speed Tracking: Track both the strongest and the next faster vehicle at the same time, both in the moving and stationary mode of operation. For example: track the sports car passing the 18-wheeler. Most of decatur po MORE