Crossover Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Crossover Dribble: When a ball handler dribbles the ball across his body from one hand to the other. Also called 'rocking the baby.'
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Off The Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Off The Dribble: A shot taken while driving to the basket. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Dribble: The act of bouncing the ball up and down. The offensive player with the ball uses the dribble to move around the court. MORE


Science / Genetics / Crossovers: The exchange of genetic material between two paired chromosome during meiosis. MORE

Crossover Step

Entertainment / Basketball / Crossover Step: An offensive move consisting of a jab step followed with a step in the opposite direction. MORE

Pull-Back Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Pull-Back Dribble: A dribble used to avoid defensive pressure or traps. MORE

Reverse Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Reverse Dribble: A dribble move used to change directions. Also called a spin dribble. MORE