Entertainment / Basketball / Court: The area on which a basketball game is played; bounded by 2 sidelines and 2 end lines, containing a basket at each end.
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Courtly Love

Entertainment / Literature / Courtly Love: (Medieval Frenchfin amour or amour courtois): Possibly a cultural trope in the late twelfth-century, or possibly a literary convention that captured popular imagination, courtly love refers to a code MORE

Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Life Style / Adoption / Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA): Court-appointed special advocates (usually volunteers) who serve to ensure that the needs and interests of a child in child protection judicial proceedings are fully protected. MORE

Half-Court Press

Entertainment / Basketball / Half-Court Press: Defensive pressure applied as soon as the opposing team takes the ball into the frontcourt. MORE

Ad Court

Entertainment / Tennis / Ad Court: The left side of the court of each player. MORE

Full-Court Press

Entertainment / Basketball / Full-Court Press: When defenders start guarding the offense in the backcourt. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Frontcourt: The offensive area of the court from the midcourt line to the baseline. Also the positions played by the forwards and center. MORE