Catch and Shoot

Entertainment / Basketball / Catch and Shoot: A play in which a player receives a pass and shoots it immediately without squaring up so that the defender cannot react in time. Used by teams with great perimeter shooters, such as the Indiana Pacers, who design a lot of these kinds of plays around Reggie Miller.
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Other Words for Catch

Catch Verb Synonyms: capture, seize, apprehend, take or get (hold of), grab, grip, grasp, take captive, hold, arrest, take prisoner, nab, pinch, collar, nick
Catch Noun Synonyms: capture, take, bag, prize, trophy

Other Words for Shoot

Shoot Verb Synonyms: wound, hurt, harm, injure, kill, slay, assassinate, execute, fill or pump full of lead, plug, blast, zap, knock off, snuff (out)
Shoot Interjectionection Synonyms: discharge, fire, open fire, let fly, launch, propel, project, fling, hurl, throw, toss
Shoot Adjective Synonyms: scoot, dart, whisk, speed, bolt, run, race, rush, flash, fly, dash, hurtle, streak, scuttle, bound, leap, spring, zip, whiz

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