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Blocked Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Blocked Shot: Deflection of a shot by touching part of the ball on its way to the basket.
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Other Words for Shot

Shot Noun Synonyms: marksman, markswoman, sharpshooter, sniper, rifleman
Shot Adjective Synonyms: discharge, shooting

Shot Clock

Entertainment / Basketball / Shot Clock: A clock that limits the time a team with the ball has to shoot it. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Shot: 1. A stroke in golf and its result (assumes contact with the ball) 2. The act (past tense) of playing a stroke 3. Another way (past tense) to refer to one's score for a round of golf, or tournament MORE

Set Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Set Shot: The same as hookout and rollout. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Screenshot: A still image of a game. MORE

Shot On Goal

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Shot On Goal: A shot on goal is a shot that will enter the goal if it is not stopped by the goaltender. A shot on goal must result in either a goal or a save (shots that hit the pipes of the goal are not counted as MORE

Shot-Counter Shot (Shot-Reverse Shot)

Technology / Television (TV) / Shot-Counter Shot (Shot-Reverse Shot): An editing principle of the continuity system that alternates shots, particularly in conversation scenes between two characters. It is a mainstay of the 180 rule and the continuity system. MORE