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Ball Fake

Entertainment / Basketball / Ball Fake: A fake pass or shot.
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Other Words for Fake

Fake Verb Synonyms: hoax, counterfeit, sham, forgery, imitation, phony
Fake Noun Synonyms: false, counterfeit, forged, sham, fraudulent, imitation, pinchbeck, bogus, spurious, factitious, phony
Fake Adjective Synonyms: falsify, doctor, alter, modify, counterfeit, fabricate, manufacture, forge

Junk Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Junk Ball: A ball thrown with little rotation and little power. MORE

K-Mart Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / K-Mart Ball: Derogatory name for a ball that hits poorly or is ill fitting. MORE

Kill The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Kill The Ball: To take the spin off the ball, resulting in a straight shot. Often used to maximimize accuracy on easy spare leaves. MORE

Jump Ball

Entertainment / Basketball / Jump Ball: A jump ball starts every game and occurs when a referee tosses the ball into the air between two players from opposite teams. During games a jump ball is called when two players from opposite teams ga MORE

House Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / House Ball: A ball provided by the center to its customers. Usually, but not always, they are of less quality than modern high tech equipment, usually polyester or hard urethane, not resin. Sometimes used as an e MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Highballs: Any liquor served with ice, soda, plain water, ginger-ale or other carbonated beverages. MORE