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Triple Play

Entertainment / Baseball / Triple Play: A defensive play in which three offensive players are put out as a result of one action.
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Other Words for Play

Play Verb Synonyms: engage, contend with, compete with or against, challenge, vie with, pit oneself against, take on, rival
Play Adjective Synonyms: amuse oneself, frolic, frisk, cavort, gambol, caper, sport, have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself, disport (oneself), carouse
Play Noun Synonyms: amusement, frivolity, entertainment, recreation, fun, pleasure, sport, merrymaking, revelry, tomfoolery, horseplay, skylarking, monkey business, monkey tricks or monkeyshines


Science / Astrology / Splay: A planetary arrangement identified by lack of symmetry and irregularly spaced planets and groups of planets as described by Marc Edmund Jones; symbolic of individualism and nonconformity. MORE

Squeeze Play

Entertainment / Baseball / Squeeze Play: A bunt with a runner on third base designed to advance the runner home. The runner on third waits to ensure that the batter has successfully laid down the bunt before advancing towards home. MORE

Stabilized Display (North-Upward)

Technology / Radar / Stabilized Display (North-Upward): A ppi display in which the orientation of the relative motion presentation is fixed to an unchanging reference (north). This display is north-upward, normally. In an unstabilized display, the orientat MORE

Specialistís Display Book

Business / Taxes / Specialistís Display Book: A display book was traditionally a written chronological record of all limit, stop, and short sale orders that had been placed with a specialist for an individual security on behalf of specific client MORE

Small Ball Or Playing Small Ball

Entertainment / Baseball / Small Ball Or Playing Small Ball: Refers to an offensive approach where the team uses bunts, walks, infield hits, hit and run plays, stolen bases, and sacrifices to manufacture runs. MORE

Shuffle Play

Technology / Home Audio / Shuffle Play: A feature which employs random selection from available tracks. MORE