Entertainment / Ballet / Passe: As a position passe means when a foot is placed near or on the other knee. As a movement passe refers to the working foot passing close to the knee of the standing leg. When the foot arrives by the knee, it passes from the front to the back or back to front, and continues either to return to the floor by sliding down the supporting leg or into an arabesque or attitude etc.
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Passe Verb Synonyms: old-fashioned, unfashionable, dated, out of date, behind the times, outmoded, obsolete, obsolescent, antiquated, archaic, d�mod�, quaint, antique, superseded, out, not or no longer in, old hat, back number

Passenger Pegs

Technology / Motorcycle / Passenger Pegs: Passenger Pegs are pegs wide enough to support the foot of a passenger (pillion) while riding. They are mounted directly under the passenger. Sometimes, floorboards are used in the place of Passenger MORE

Passenger name record (PNR)

Life Style / Travel / Passenger name record (PNR) : The official name of one's reservation in a computer reservation system (crs). MORE

Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc)

Life Style / Travel / Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc): An airport tax that is authorized by the us congress for upgrading and expanding local airport facilities charged per customer. Currently the tax must be between $3 and $12 on any single transaction. MORE