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Rural Sourcing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Rural Sourcing: An outsourcing method that is based on transferring jobs away from higher cost urban areas to lower cost rural areas.
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Other Words for Rural

Rural Noun Synonyms: country, pastoral, sylvan, bucolic, rustic, Arcadian, exurban, agricultural, agrarian, georgic

Rural Housing Preservation Grants

Business / Agriculture / Rural Housing Preservation Grants: Section 533 grants are available through the Rural Housing Service for repairing and rehabilitating rural housing for low- and very low-income families. MORE

Rural Housing Service (RHS)

Business / Agriculture / Rural Housing Service (RHS): The USDA agency responsible for administering the housing programs including direct loans, loan guarantees, rental assistance payments, and grants for low income families residing in rural areas. The MORE

Rural Home Repair Loans And Grants

Business / Agriculture / Rural Home Repair Loans And Grants: Section 504 Loans and grants are available through the Rural Housing Service to lower income rural homeowners for making repairs. MORE

Rural Home Loans

Business / Agriculture / Rural Home Loans: Section 502 loans are available through the Rural Housing Service to low- and moderate-income rural households to purchase and repair single-family homes. MORE

Rural Electrification Administration

Business / Agriculture / Rural Electrification Administration: The predecessor USDA agency to the Rural Utilities Service charged with administering certain telephone and rural electric cooperative loan programs. MORE

Rural Multifamily Housing Loans

Business / Agriculture / Rural Multifamily Housing Loans: Section 515 loans are available through the Rural Housing Service for providing rental housing for low- and moderate-income families in rural areas, and for congregate housing for the elderly and hand MORE