At Par

Business / Finance / At Par: A price equal to nominal or face value of a security. See: Par.
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Other Words for Par

Par Verb Synonyms: level, rank, standing, scale, standard
Par Noun Synonyms: standard, normal, average, expected

Parietal Lobe

Science / Biology / Parietal Lobe: The lobe of the cerebral cortex that lies at the top of the brain; processes information about touch, taste, pressure, pain, and heat and cold. MORE

Parichaya Avastha

Health / Yoga / Parichaya Avastha : Stage of perception of nada. MORE


Science / Weather / Parhelion: The scientific name for sun dogs. Either of two colored luminous spots that appear at roughly 22 degrees on both sides of the sun at the same elevation. They are caused by the refraction of sunlight p MORE

Parfait Amour

Entertainment / Liquor / Parfait Amour: A purple liqueur that is flavored with citrus fruits, cloves and other spices. Name means 'Perfect Love'. MORE

Paris Bourse

Business / Finance / Paris Bourse: National stock market of France. MORE

Paris Interbank Offer Rate (PIBOR)

Business / Finance / Paris Interbank Offer Rate (PIBOR): The deposit rate on interbank transactions in the Eurocurrency market quoted in Paris. MORE