Business / Finance / Assumption: Becoming responsible for the liabilities of another party.
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The Assumption of Mary

Life Style / Holiday / The Assumption of Mary: The custom of celebrating Thanksgiving, an annual celebration held after the harvest began around 1621 when the Pilgrims fulfilled a successful and bountiful harvest in the New World. The first Thanks MORE

Zero Prepayment Assumption

Business / Finance / Zero Prepayment Assumption: Applies mainly to international equities. Japanese securities transactions conducted on the principal of auction, i.e., (1) price priority in which the selling (buying) order with the lowest (highest) MORE

Assumption Of Mortgage

Business / Real Estate / Assumption Of Mortgage: The acts of acquiring title to property that has an existing mortgage and agreeing to be personally liable for the terms and conditions of the mortgage, including payments. MORE

Homogeneous Expectations Assumption

Business / Finance / Homogeneous Expectations Assumption: Exhibiting a high degree of homogeneity. MORE

Economic Assumptions

Business / Finance / Economic Assumptions: See earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. MORE

Assumption Subject To

Business / Real Estate / Assumption Subject To: When a loan is taken subject to, the seller agrees to remain liable and the buyer accepts no liability in the event of a deficiency on a foreclosure. MORE