Ascending Tops

Business / Finance / Ascending Tops: A chart pattern that depicts that each peak in a security's price over a period of time is higher than the preceding peak. Antithesis of descending tops.
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Business / Construction / Stops: Moldings along the inner edges of a door or window frame. Also valves used to shut off water to a fixture. MORE

T Stops

Entertainment / Photography / T Stops: More accurate measurement of light entering a lens than 'f' numbers. Whereas 'f' numbers represent the ratio between measured diameter and focal length, 't' stops are based on actual light transmissio MORE

Topset Bed

Science / Geology / Topset Bed: A horizontal sedimentary bed formed at the top of a delta and overlying the foreset beds. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Topspin: Spin of a ball where the top of the ball rotates toward the direction of travel; the spin goes forward over the top of the ball, causing the ball to dip and bounce at a higher angle to the court. MORE

Gather In The Stops

Business / Finance / Gather In The Stops: A model widely used to price foreign currency options. MORE

Descending Tops

Business / Finance / Descending Tops: A financial security such as an option or future whose value is derived in part from the value and characteristics of another security, the underlying asset. MORE