Business / Finance / Appreciation: Increase in the value of an asset.
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Appreciation Noun Synonyms: gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, thanks, acknowledgement, obligation

Shared-Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)

Business / Real Estate / Shared-Appreciation Mortgage (SAM): A mortgage loan in which the lender, in exchange for a loan with a favorable interest rate, participates in the profits (if any) the borrower receives when the property is eventually sold. MORE

Capital Appreciation

Business / Taxes / Capital Appreciation: Any increase in a capital asset's fair market value is called capital appreciation. For example, if a stock increases in value from $30 a share to $60 a share, it shows capital appreciation. Some stoc MORE

Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM)

Business / Finance / Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM): A mortgage with a low rate of interest, offset by giving the lender some portion of the appreciation in the value of the underlying property. MORE

Employee Stock Option Appreciation Rights Securities (ESOARS)

Business / Accounting / Employee Stock Option Appreciation Rights Securities (ESOARS): An auction process to assign a value to the options. The high bidder owns the option and receives a payment from the company for the ESOARS when the employee exercises the option. MORE

Proprietary Fund

Business / Taxes / Proprietary Fund: Proprietary mutual funds are offered for sale by the financial institution — such as a bank, investment company, or brokerage firm — that sponsors the funds. Characteristically, the funds' names i MORE