Any-Or-All Bid

Business / Finance / Any-Or-All Bid: Often used in risk arbitrage. Takeover bid in which the acquirer offers to pay a set price for all outstanding shares of the target company, or any part thereof; contrasts with two-tier bid.
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Other Words for Bid

Bid Verb Synonyms: offer, make an offer (for), tender, proffer

Forbidden Fruit

Entertainment / Liquor / Forbidden Fruit: An American liqueur made from shaddock (grapefruit) and cognac MORE

Hit The Bid

Business / Finance / Hit The Bid: A measure of a mutual fund's yield over a specific period of time, e.g., 1 year, 2 year, 5 year, or year to date. MORE

Iron Carbide

Business / Machine Shop / Iron Carbide: A binary compound of carbon and iron: it becomes the strengthening constituent in steel. MORE

Keyword Bidding

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Competitive Bidding (For WIC)

Business / Agriculture / Competitive Bidding (For WIC): With respect to the WIC program, refers to the method for containing program costs, particularly for infant formula contained in food packages: requires state WIC agencies to solicit bids to infant fo MORE

Competitive Bidding

Business / Finance / Competitive Bidding: Often used in risk arbitrage. Situation whereby another O.T.C. market maker has transacted with investment bank at the stated market level before the bid/offer has been made. MORE