Business / Finance / Anticipation: Paying what is owed before it is due (usually to save interest charges).
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Anticipation Noun Synonyms: expectation, expectancy, hope

Revenue Anticipation Note (RAN)

Business / Finance / Revenue Anticipation Note (RAN): A short-term municipal debt issue that will be repaid with anticipated revenues, such as sales taxes, from the project. MORE

Tax Anticipation Bills (Tabs)

Business / Finance / Tax Anticipation Bills (Tabs): An account at a private bank, held in the name of the district Federal Reserve Bank, which holds operating cash for the business of the U.S. Treasury. MORE

Tax Anticipation Notes (Tans)

Business / Finance / Tax Anticipation Notes (Tans): Special bills that the Treasury occasionally issues that mature on corporate quarterly income tax dates and can be used at face value by corporations to pay their tax liabilities. MORE

Bank Anticipation Notes (BAN)

Business / Finance / Bank Anticipation Notes (BAN): Notes issued by states and municipalities to obtain interim financing for projects that will eventually be funded long term through the sale of a bond issue. MORE

Rate Anticipation Swaps

Business / Finance / Rate Anticipation Swaps: An exchange of bonds in a portfolio for new bonds that will achieve the target portfolio duration, given the investor's assumptions about future changes in interest rates. MORE

Bond Anticipation Note (BAN)

Business / Finance / Bond Anticipation Note (BAN): A short-term debt instrument issued by a state or municipality to borrow against the proceeds of an upcoming bond issue. MORE