Annual Meeting

Business / Finance / Annual Meeting: Meeting of stockholder held once a year at which the managers of a company report to the stockholders on the year's results.
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Other Words for Meeting

Meeting Noun Synonyms: appointment, engagement, rendezvous, encounter, assignation, tryst, meet
Meeting Adjective Synonyms: assembly, convention, conference, gathering, congress, conclave, session, congregation, convocation, caucus, get-together

Due Diligence Meeting

Business / Finance / Due Diligence Meeting: An internal audit of a target frim by an acquiring firm. Offers are often made contingent upon resolution of the due diligence process. MORE

Effective Annual Interest Rate

Business / Finance / Effective Annual Interest Rate: A type of individual retirement account enabling the contribution of up to $500 per year for each child up to the age of 18 by the parents in the family. MORE

Effective Annual Yield

Business / Finance / Effective Annual Yield: An annual measure of the time value of money that fully reflects the effects of compounding. MORE

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

Business / Accounting / Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR): The year on year growth rate required to show the change in value (of an investment) from its initial value to its final value. If a $1 investment was worth $1.52 over three years, the CAGR would be 1 MORE

Bonds Enabling Annual Retirement Savings (BEARS)

Business / Finance / Bonds Enabling Annual Retirement Savings (BEARS): Holders of BEARS receive the face value of bonds underlying call option, which are exercised by CUBS (an acronym for Calls Underwritten by Swanbrook). If the calls are exercised by CUBS, BEARS holders MORE


Science / Biology / Annuals: Plants that grow and reproduce sexually during one year. MORE