Business / Finance / Angel: An investment-grade bond. Antithesis to fallen angel. In the context of venture capital, the first investor.
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Hells Angels

Technology / Motorcycle / Hells Angels: Movie produced in 1930 by Howard Hughes. Also a B-17 squadron in WWII. The name was subsequently taken by a group of motorcyclists for their motorcycle club. This club has expanded and has many chapte MORE

Fallen Angel

Business / Taxes / Fallen Angel: Corporate or municipal bonds that were investment-grade when they were issued but have been downgraded are called fallen angels. Bonds are downgraded by a rating service, such as Moody's Investors Ser MORE


Business / Finance / Angels: Individuals providing venture capital. MORE

Angelman Syndrome

Science / Genetics / Angelman Syndrome: A condition characterized by severe mental deficiency, developmental delay and growth deficiency, puppet-like gait and frequent laughter unconnected to emotions of happiness. MORE

Fallen Angels

Business / Finance / Fallen Angels: A sudden drop in a stock's price resulting from failed or poor business deals gone bad or falling through. MORE

Angelica (Angelica sinensis)

Health / Herbs / Angelica (Angelica sinensis): Helps regulate menstruation, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant for coughs, bronchitis and pleurisy, particularly when symptoms are accompanied by fever, colds, or influenza, relieves gas, can help st MORE